Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality

WEVR 2020 will be held online, through a medium TBD, on Sunday 22 March 2020. Times refer to the Atlanta time zone (UTC-4).

Opening and Discussion (9.00 - 10.30)

During this time we will be opening the workshop and having a discussion between participants on the future of the workshop. This will also be a chance to get everyone familiar with Mozilla Hubs.

Everyday Augmented Reality (11:00 - 12:00)

Augmented Reality for the Manufacturing Industry: The Case of an Assembly Assistant

Carola Botto, Alberto Cannavò, Daniele Cappuccio, Giada Morat, Amir N. Sarvestani, Paolo Ricci, Valentina Demarchi, and Alessandra Saturnino

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Occlusion Management Techniques for Everyday Glanceable AR Interfaces

Shakiba Davari, Feiyu Lu, and Doug A. Bowman

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Eating together while being apart: A pilot study on the effects of mixed-reality conversations and virtual environments on older eaters’ solitary meal experience and food intake

Dannie Korsgaard, Thomas Bjørner, Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen, Pernille K. Sørensen, and Federico A. Perez-Cueto

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Towards An Egocentric Framework for Rigid and Articulated Object Tracking in Virtual Reality

Catherine Taylor, Robin McNicholas, and Darren Cosker

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Everyday Virtual Reality (14:00 - 15:30)

Comparing Motion-based Versus Controller-based Pseudo-haptic Weight Sensations in VR

Yutaro Hirao, Tuukka M. Takala, and Anatole Lecuyer

Reactive Alignment of Virtual and Physical Environments Using Redirected Walking

Jerald Thomas and Evan S. Rosenberg

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Evaluating the Benefits of the Immersive Space to Think

Lee Lisle, Xiaoyu Chen, Edward J. Gitre, Chris North, and Doug A. Bowman

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It Is Complicated: Interacting with Children in Social Virtual Reality

Divine Maloney, Guo Freeman, and Andrew Robb

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Enabling Patients with Neurological Diseases to perform Motor-Cognitive Exergames under Clinical Supervision for Everyday Usage

Sebastian Rings, Frank Steinicke, Tobias Picker, and Caspar Prasuhn

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From Real to Virtual: An Image-Based Rendering Toolkit to Help Bring the World Around Us Into Virtual Reality

Grégoire D. de Dinechin and Alexis Paljic

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Everyday Applications (16:00 - 16:45)

Within-System and Cross-System Behavior-Based Biometric Authentication in Virtual Reality

Robert Miller, Natasha K. Banerjee, and Sean Banerjee

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Fostering fashion retail experiences through virtual reality and voice assistants

Elena Morotti, Lorenzo Donatiello, and Gustavo Marfia

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An Immersive Virtual Environment for Teleoperation of Remote Robotic Agents for Everyday Applications in Prohibitive Environments

Alireza Tavakkoli, Brandon Wilson, and Matthew Bounds

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Closing (16:45 - 17:00)

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