Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality

WEVR 2019 was held in Osaka, Japan on Saturday 23 March 2019. This year the program included paper sessions from both WEVR and WISP, the Workshop on Immersive Sickness and Prevention and a shared panel on cybersickness and everyday VR.

Interaction (8:45 - 10:15)

Cycling renaissance: The VR potential in exploring static and moving environment elements

Svetlana Bialkova and Dick Ettema

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Leveraging Change Blindness for Haptic Remapping in Virtual Environments

Andreas Lohse, Christoffer Kjaer, Ervin Hamulic, Ingrid Lima, Tilde Jensen, Luis Bruni, and Niels Nilsson

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Frames to Zones: Applying Mise-en-Scene Techniques in Cinematic Virtual Reality

Adam Kvisgaard, Sune Klem, Thomas Nielsen, Eoin Rafferty, Niels Nilsson, Emil Hoeg, and Rolf Nordahl

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Passive Haptic Menus for Desk-Based and HMD-Projected Virtual Reality

Daniel Zielasko, Marcel Krüger, Benjamin Weyers, and Torsten W. Kuhlen

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Applications (10:30 - 12:00)

Low-Cost VR Applications to Experience Real Word Places Anytime, Anywhere, and with Anyone

Jan O. Wallgrün, Arif Masrur, Jiayan Zhao, Alan Taylor, Eric Knapp, Jack S. Chang, and Alexander Kippel

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Immersive Gastronomic Experience with Distributed Reality

Pablo Perez, Ester Gonzalez-Sosa, Redouane Kachach, Jaime Ruiz, Ignacio Benito, Francisco Pereira, and Alvaro Villegas

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A Qualitative Study on the Effects of Real-World Stimuli and Place Familiarity on Presence

Matti Pouke, Johanna Ylipulli, Satu Rantala, Paula Alavesa, Toni alatalo, and Timo Ojala

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Design and Field Study of Motion-Based Informal Learning Games for a Children’s Museum

Catherine Ball, Sun Joo Ahn, and Kyle Johnsen

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Lunch Break (12:00 - 13:30)

WISP Paper Session 1 (13:30 - 15:00)

A Non-Stationary Office Desk Substitution for Desk-Based and HMD-Projected Virtual Reality

Daniel Zielasko, Benjamin Weyers and Torsten W. Kuhlen

VR Sickness Prediction for Navigation in Immersive Virtual Environments using a Deep Long Short Term Memory Model

Yuyang Wang, Jean-Rémy Chardonnet and Frédéric Merienne

Effect of Sensory Conflict and Postural Instability on Cybersickness

Adrian K. T. Ng, Leith K. Y. Chan and Henry Y. K. Lau

Unifying Research to Address Motion Sickness

Mark Dennison and David Krum

WISP Paper Session 2 (15:15 - 16:10)

Reorient the Gazed Scene Towards the Center : Novel Virtual Turning Using Head and Gaze Motions and Blink

Yoshikazu Onuki and Itsuo Kumazawa

Reducing Seasickness in Onboard Marine VR Use through Visual Compensation of Vessel Motion

Andrew Stevens and Thomas Butkiewicz

Combining Dynamic Field of View Modification with Physical Obstacle Avoidance

Fei Wu and Evan Suma Rosenberg

12 Hours in Virtual Reality: Two Cases of Long-Term Exposure to Consumer-Grade Virtual Reality

Rolf Nordahl, Niels Christian Nilsson, Ali Adjorlu, Eduardo Magalhaes, Silvin Willemsen, Nikolaj Andersson, Jonas Wang and Stefania Serafin

Panel: Cybersickness and Everyday VR

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