2015 Program

Monday 23, 2015 – Room Daudet

Session 1 (14:00 – 15:30) – Talks

Each speaker will have 10 minutes for the presentation, plus 2 minutes for questions. The order of the talks is the following:

  1. Simeone, A. Substitutional Reality: Towards a Research Agenda
  2. Stuerzlinger, W., Pavlovych, A. and Nywton, D. TIVS: Temporary Immersive Virtual Environment at Simon Fraser University: A Non-Permanent CAVE.
  3. Lai, D. and Majumder, A. Interactive Display Conglomeration on the Wall
  4. Su, S., Chaudhary, A., O’Leary, P., Geveci, B., Sherman, W., Nieto, H. and Francisco-Revilla, F. Virtual Reality Enabled Scientific Visualization Workflow
  5. Sidorakis, N., Koulieris, G. A. and Mania, K. Binocular Eye-Tracking for the Control of a 3D Immersive Multimedia User Interface
  6. Eubanks, J. C., Lai, C. and McMahan, R. P. Portable Virtual Reality: Inertial Measurements and Biomechanics
  7. Powell, V. and Powell, W. Therapy-led Design of Home-Based Virtual Rehabilitation

Coffee Break (15:30 – 16:00)

Sesssion 2 (16:00 – 17.30) – Group Discussions & Closure