About The Workshop

Welcome to WEVR 2018, the third international Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality.
This workshop is co-located with the 2018 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality (IEEE VR 2018), the top conference for Virtual Reality research which will be held from March 18-22 in Los Angeles, CA, USA. The workshop will take place on Sunday March 18, at the Stadthalle Reutlingen in Reutlingen, Germany.


This year marked the commercial release of the two main Head-Mounted Display to experience VR in domestic environments: the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. In this third iteration of the workshop we want to retain the themes that proved successful for the first-ever WEVR, and also invite submissions on new trends related to everyday VR. One of the focus areas in which we will invite submissions on, will be the on advances in VR-based gameplay. We will endeavour to reach the VR community thriving in the California area.

We remain confident that a new iteration of the Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality will attract interesting contributions from both research and industry perspective. More specifically, themes relevant to the workshop are:

  • Gameplay Design and Player Interaction in VR
  • Overcoming constraints of real environments (e.g. locomotion techniques, object avoidance)
  • Tangible and haptics support to interaction with the environment
  • Co-located and Remote Social & Collaborative VR and related challenges (Intersection of Immersed and Non/Semi-Immersed Users)
  • 3D User Interfaces for Desktop or semi-immersive VR
  • VR home healthcare and education
  • Effects of prolonged VR use in domestic settings
  • New trends of VR applications

We invite participants to submit papers (between 4 and 6 pages) describing either position statements, preliminary research results, novel concepts or case studies.

Intended Audience

This interdisciplinary workshop will bring together researchers, technologists, educators, clinicians, engineers, game developers, designers and other industry professionals or enthusiasts to present and discuss the challenges and opportunities in interactive technologies for use in the home and office. This will be of interest to a wide range of participants interested in identifying these challenges and contributing to the development of innovative solutions for this emerging market. We anticipate 8 accepted contributions and 15-20 participants.

Workshop Format

This half-day (3 hour) workshop is intended to introduce the audience to a wide range of challenges and opportunities, and to provide a forum for considering future directions. Contributing authors will be asked to make short presentations of around 15 minutes each, summarising the key points from their papers. The suggested format is 2 hours of presentations, followed by one hour of discussions in panel-format led by the workshop organisers.

Expected Benefits

Workshop participants will gain an increased understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the design of VR applications for everyday environments. They will be able to contribute to the generation of new ideas for future directions and solutions. The organisers will produce a report to disseminate the results of the workshop. The report will be available online and will thus be accessible and capable of being cited in the long run.

Technical Requirements

Projector, flexible seating (around 20) for discussion, or area to move around in standing for posting ideas on sticky notes etc. A microphone, including audio recording capabilities and a mobile mic if we need to accommodate a bigger group. Flip charts or space to stick post-it-notes on walls and a table, plus various multi socket adapters.